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What did the developers think of DBPush, DBTTip, DBHots and DBAppMon (often bundled together as DBStuff)?

Note: In almost every case, the quotes below are extracts form the original letters.

Thank you very much for making your DBTTip VBX available to the public. It is just what I was looking for, and I am very happy with it.

Rob Meijlink,

I've been looking over your DBPush, DBAppMon and DBTTip VBXs and was very impressed with them and how they worked.

Jim Reilly, 74663.3341@CompuServe.COM

I downloaded your DB VBX's. They work great and are much appreciated. Again, thanks for the VBX's. They have saved me time and money.

Darrell Pruitt,

A few weeks ago I downloaded your VBX "suite" that includes the DBAppMon control, which I have found very useful since I don't have to hard-code all the API calls necessary to acomplish the same tasks. If you have any other controls, or an upgrade version to this control, please let me know because I am very interested. Rest assured that you have a potential customer for your quality work.

F. X. Lebrija,

I just found your little collection of VBX's on the internet and was particularly interested in DBAppMon.VBX. I am writing a program for my company which will track the amount of time a person is active in each program that they run. Your AppStart and AppExit events will be a tremendous help in this program.

Bruce Brouwer, bbrouw83@Calvin.EDU

I just incorporated your tool tip in VB 4.0 (16) and I LOVE IT!!!!!! You've developed a great product, and if you can create a 32-bit version, I would be more than happy to pay you for your time. It's great, and I love that I can create my own .WMF balloons . . . and the tractor beam makes it fun!

Jon Myers,

I got your magnificient VB utilities from the Internet and I was very pleased by the quality and ease of use of them! Specially the fact that I could even use them in my own programs without paying struc me.

R.J. Lambach, lambach@SARA.NL

Recieved the custom stuff you sent and it is excellent!


Just a little note to say that I have been trying out your dbtip vbx. Great little utility. Thanks for putting it out as freeware. Literally took only minutes to implement tooltips on about 15 controls over 5 forms.


You did again. I'm going to use your DBHots from now on. Very powerful!


It seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. The other files may be very useful also. Many many thanks for the files.


I just got your DBHot VBX control, and I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with it. I was surprised to find that someone created a useful VBX control, and didn't expect $100 dollars for it or something. (Not that I have anything against shareware, but some prices seem excessive.)

We are using your DBPush control and have loved it.

David Gardiner,

I ran across your 'stuff' and gave it a close look today. Your implementations are very impressive and I wish two or three commercial vendors used your services. You can count on my support for 'advertising' your services.

Gary Ingram,

I have used your wonderful DBPush.vbx custom control with no problems for a while.

Timo Juvonen,

Congratulations! Your DBPUSH button is great! We were looking for a button with transparent pictures for quite some time.

Niels Metger,

Both VBX are great!! Thanks again.

Joe C. ,

Congratulations for your VBX Control "DBPush". I'm very intersted in it and I'd like to know if you developed any others VBX controls.

Roland Testard, Yves.Lambinet@France.ATTGIS.COM

Just a note to thank you for sending me your vbx freebies. I'm finding them all really useful (not used the hotspots yet though). The DBTTip vbx is very nice and the use of metafiles is a good trick. They're great vbx's at the right price.

Nick Pierpoint,

We will be selling the software as a 'shrinkwrap' package. I really like the dbpush.vbx 2.0 and plan to use it in our package.

Jeff Krul,

Hi I downloaded your VBX'x and love the dbpush.vbx it is awesome.

I really like your custom control! It enables me to do with buttons what cannot be done with the button control that ships with VB.

Thank you very much for creating DBPUSH.VBX. I really like it! It's what I'm always looking for. It's really save my time.

Rati Wannapanop,

I would like to thank you for your work and for sharing that manner with the world. Your DBPush button custom control is in my AUTOLOAD.MAK and i use it a lot. Now, with that recent version Iuse it for replacement of all buttons and tool bars.

Jorge Albuquerque,

I picked up your DBHots and DBPush VBXs a month or so ago, and have been delighted with them. I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with the VB community, and for what it's worth have been introducing them to other people as well.

Edward Lipsett,

I've been playing with your custom control DBPush v2.0 (March 1995) since last September. I really like it. It is by far the most flexible and powerful custom control command button that I've come across so far.

Shawn Benoit,

The DBStuff you've put together is fantastic! Thanks for doing it! I've been looking for the perfect pushbutton and your's comes the closest to what I'm looking for.

Malcolm Michael,

You are brilliant! Your Visual Basic controls are fantastic! I intend to use them in every Visual Basic program that I write. I will gladly acknowledge you in ALL documentation and the about screens of all programs. Keep up the great work!


I've recently come to use your DBPush 3D command button .VBX for Visual Basic. I'd like to say thanks for a very good piece of software - it's most useful.

Paul Uszak,

This is exactly what I needed (and more!).

Jaap Holweg, (Jaap Holweg)

Super VBX ! and the word is small! I've try DBPush (no problem's) and actually I'm using DBTTip (V0.4). This control is superb and make easier a single help context.

Jacques Tailliez,

I received your software and I'm very grateful to you for that. It is real useful. Believe me, I'm not just polite. By my experience 99% of all freeware VBX'es are trash. But your work is quite something (especially I become fan of DBTIP). Thanks again.


I downloaded you tooltip.vbx from compuserve and was very impressed with it and hope to be able to use it in my application (appropriate credit will be provided).

Ron Levy,

Much thanks for uploading DBTTIPS.VBX. It is very easy to use and adds a nice to to the application I am writing. If you have any other tools you are marketing, I'd be interested in receiving information about them.

Paul Overway,

I have started to use your DBTTip VBX - its great. I will definitely put a reference to it in all my programs.

Bobby Gallagher, e-mail:

We are using 3 of your freeware custom controls: DBHots.vbx DBPush.vbx DBTTips.vbx Please be assured that we will be devoting a few lines on the credits screen to you and your 'contributions'.

Don Dewes,

Recently I have downloaded your DB2STFF which I find great.

Steen Traberg-Borup,

I would like to say how impressed and appreciative i am by your vb programming 'stuff -- thank you -- there presently is an digital acquisition board setup routine out there in beta with your buttons plastered liberally all over - and most certainly credited to you.

Ron Rumm,

Just wanted to tell you that I am using your DBTTIP.VBX in a couple apps and it is very nicely done and easy to use. Thanks for your valuable (and free) contribution to the rest of the programming community.


Thanks again, I'm impressed with the quality of your code and look forward to the day when I can generate worthwhile code and share it as you have done.

James W. Adams,

I have used both DBTTip and DBPush in a main application at work - and they ARE good. As for DBAppMon and DBHots, I am interested in their development as I am certain I will be using them in the future. And going with what you've done I have a strong interest in anything else you do.


A great congratulation for the fantastic VBX-Elements you have bring to Basic-Developer !! It's great. I use your DBAppMon, your Push-Button, your DBHots. I'm realy impressed about the functionallity.

Detlef Burkhardt,

You have an excellent collection of VBX ! As I'm a VB programmer, please receive my congratulations. It's for sure that in my programs I will include your VBX's.

Lorin Milescu,

I would LOVE to get a copy of the new version. I've been using the current one and it's fabulous!


Thanks, these ARE cool.


I downloaded and reviewed your set of "DB" vbx's and was quite impressed with the features of the appmon and pushbutton controls. I am considering incorporating them into our multimedia development application.

Jeff Jockisch,

Thank you for that great tools DBPush1.9 and DBTTips1.1, and that for free!

Thorsten Hoyer,

I've tried out your controls today. They're really great.

Juergen Anke,

I have downloaded and used your free VBXs in the last year with success and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing these wonderful tools with the VB community and guys like me who can not afford to buy these tools, yet need to use them in their applications.

Ismail Alkan, a294@Lehigh.EDU

Just wanted to say that I got a copy of your DBPush VBX and it runs great! I think it's fabulous that good code is out there just for the sake of being there.

Jody L.Farr,

The freeware VBX's that you made are great. They are very useful. My favourites are the tooltips and the special push-button.

Kevin B. Mayer,

I would like to say "thanks" for all the work you've put into your freeware custom controls. I've pretty much eliminated the standard command button from my projects, because DBPush so much better.

Jeffery Overbey,

Thanks again for making VB so much more powerful, and my (vb) life considerably more pleasant!

Bill Van Buren,

Nice job on the tool tips! I have tried [a commercial vendor's] tool-tips as well. I like yours much better.

Mike Floyd,

DBTTip is a great, flexible control. It is kind to put such good work to the public

Ahmed El-Rifai,

Thanks for your DBTTip.vbx - it's a beauty!

Dave Biggs,

Your DBTTip.VBX is an excellent tool. We like it a lot better than the one that came with a popular commercial VBX bundle! Thanks for your time and effort on DBTTip.

Richard Harris,

I just got your DBPush button VBX and it is wonder! Keep up the good work!

Your DBTTip is one of the best vb-tools I've ever seen.

Frank Dornbach,

I would just like to say you have the finest vbxes on the market. No troubles, no headaches just good code. Keep up the great work.

Bill Garrison,

I send you congratulations for your work. It's made it very easy for me to do some applications. Thanks.


I mail you to say your vbx's are great. I want thank you for doing these vbx's and distribute them as freeware for all programmers.

José Rubí de la Vega,

I am using the DBPush.vbx v1.9 from march 95 which you developed and I am very satisfied from it and i want to THANK you for this great thing.

David Kotzer,

I spent a number of years developing VB3 apps and your dbpush found it's way onto most of them... it is just great!

Tim Hallett,

Thanks, all of you!
Dan Byström, Visual Design Softscape AB

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